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A.Vogel clays are extracted from ancient sea floor deposits and contain natural minerals and trace elements. They are 100% natural, without additives or preservatives. All A.Vogel clays are colloidal and of surfine quality. The colloidal property acts as cleansing agent and helps to remove harmful substances from the body.  


100% Surfine Green Clay (montmorillonite)

When to use green clay?

  • Beauty mask for oily and problem skin -Mud bath
  • Body wrap
  • Poultice
  • Compress

How to use clays? 

External use

  • Always use unboiled water.
  • You may prepare enough clay for several days use.
  • Discard clay after use.


  • Use an enamel, wood, glass or earthenware container, do not use plastic or metal (except stainless steel).
  • Mix 1⁄2 cup (125 mL) of clay in the container.
  • Keep some clay aside to thicken the mixture if necessary*. Add unboiled water until it forms a firm paste. Let the mixture stand undisturbed for one hour.
  • The resulting paste should be smooth, homogeneous, and thick enough that it will not flow.

*Begin by making a watery mix. It is easier to thicken than to thin the paste.

Water Temperature

Application: Clay may be applied cold, warm or hot.

  • Cold: provides a cooling effect on skin, ideal for soreness.
  • Warm or hot: to invigorate or revitalize skin.

Heat clay in a double boiler to desired temperature.

Clay should not be reheated.


Uses of clays:


With a wooden spoon (not metal or plastic) spread a layer of mixed clay on the cloth*. Thickness may vary from 5 mm to 2 cm.

Ideally the clay should be in direct contact with the skin, though if poultice is for application to a hairy or sensitive area, a light cloth (gauze) may be placed between the skin and the clay. However, the poultice will be more effective if placed directly on the skin.

The poultice may remain in place for a few hours or all night long.

*A poultice should be larger than the area to be treated. Use a cloth of appropriate size.


A compress is prepared from a thin paste of clay in which a cloth is soaked giving it a light coating of the mixture.

Prepare the paste in the same manner as for a poultice using more water. Before immersing the cloth, stir the paste to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Soak the cloth in the clay paste. Remove the cloth allowing it to drain a bit before placing it on the desired area.

The compress may remain in place for a few hours or all night long.

Body wrap

The body wrap is prepared in the same manner as for a compress with the difference that clay is spread in a thick layer on skin.

The heated clay mixture is applied on skin and recovered with cotton-wool linen to avoid heat loss. The body wrap may remain in place for 30 to 90 minutes.

Mud bath

Mud bath can be taken in a trough, cask, etc. but never in a bathtub as the clay would obstruct the drain pipes. Mix the clay and water so as to obtain a clear paste. This bath can be used several times; each time add a little water, cold or hot, according to need.


Clay is recommended as talc, to use as a baby powder or to deodorize feet.

Skin care

Use as a beauty mask or for topical application on pimples, wrinkles or warts.

The paste, not too thick nor too thin, should be applied in a thin layer on face (protect eyes) and is kept as long as it stays humid (10-15 minutes).

To remove mask, use warm water and finish with cold water to tone skin.

A.Vogel Green Clay Oily and Problem Skin 450g

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